PSI_Wallpenetration Seals


Product Application Range Advantages

Link-Seal® Modular Seals 


Link-Seal® Modular Seals are considered to be
the premier method for permanent sealing pipes
of any size passing through walls, floors and  
ceilings. In fact, any cylindric object may be
quickly, easily and permanently sealed,  
as they pass through barriers.

- Saves money and time
- Positive hydrostatic seal
- Long seal life 
- Maximum protection against corrosion
- Oil, jet fuel and temperature resistant material
- Configure a Link-Seal® modular seal to match 
your application 
- ISO quality assurance 

Compakt Seals


The PSI sealing system Compakt is the perfect 
complement to our Link-Seal® modular seal.
It offers ideal sealing for wall openings for gas, 
waterand sewage pipes as well as for cables. 
The Compakt seal is 
a pressuretight system.
Pressure plates made of stainless steel.


The 40 mm wide rubber element is compressed
by means of two metallic discs. The PSI Compakt 
sealsthe annular space between the carrier pipe 
and the casing pipe or the core drilled hole against 
water or gas.

Compakt Special Seals


Special designs made at the request of the 
customer. Here, practically all variations are
possible: oval pipes, square recesses, excentric
position, passing through of several pipes or
cables either as split/open orclosed versions.


PSI supplies special Compakt-Seals on
customer demand like:
- multiple cable seals
- special shapes like oval or square
- double seal for PIPE
- portable water qualities
- etc.  

 Wall-Sleeves with Fixed.png
Compakt Seals and Wall Sleeves 
with Fixed /Loose Flange



For constructions with sealing sheeting seals
or wall sleeves with fixed / loose flanges are
required in accordance with DIN 18195 T9.
A difference is made between pressing water
and non pressing water.



Appropriate solution:
- seal with fixed / loose flange
- wall sleeve with fixed / loose flange 
- on wall-face sleeve with fixed / loose flange 


KB Epoxy Resin


The epoxy resin consists of two components.
The material was especially developed to seal
concrete e.g. walls in which a hole was drilled.
The coating can be used inside and outside
and give a non-porous protection of concrete,
fibre-cement, steel, wood and other materials.


The epoxy resin is supplied as a set together with
the brush and a pair of latex gloves. You can use
the resin at temperatures of 5°C upwards.The
thickness of a layer should be approx. 0.25 mm.
If necessary you can apply up to three layers.

STOPAQ® 2100

STOPAQ®  2100 is a one component sealing compound that is 100% water and gas tight. Thanks to its special properties it can be used universally. It is extremely effective and therefore economical.
STOPAQ®  is a permanent paste like compound which fills hollow spaces between cables and or pipes, water swelling, never curing.

STOPAQ®  2100 is a one component sealing 
compound that is 100% water and gas tight. 
Thanks to its special properties it can be used
universally. It is extremely effective and therefore

STOPAQ®  is a permanent paste like compound
which fills hollow spaces between cables and or
pipes, water swelling, never curing.


STOPAQ® can also be processed on humid
surfaces. Simply remove any dirt. The manual
pistol and nozzle included in the delivery make
processing very easy.

Compensating Wall
Penetration Seal Type VDW


PSI compensating wall penetration seal
type VDW is developed especially to gather
large radial and axial movements of pipelines.

The compensating wall penetration seal made
out of Rottolin is the ideal motion compensator
and it is very suitable for wall and ceiling
penetrations of plastic casing pipes on buildings
without sealing films.


Advantages at a glance:
- Support of load change axial and radial
up to +/-25 mm
- Support of compression set depending on
pipe outer diameter and drilled core hole
size up to 40 mm 
- Leak-proof against pressing water up to
0.5 bar, MFPA aprooved


Sealing Plug


The PSI plug is a sealing device consisting of
two half shells. It is especially designed to seal
cables and pipes passing through walls and
ceilings. Due to the large variety of sizes and
rubber types, you can use this plug for almost
any pipe or cable.

- pressure tight up to 3 bar
- easy installation
- large range of application
- noise absorbing
- fire retarding qualities
- vibration absorbing
- no electrical conduit
- high resistance to abrasion
- can be installed horizontally and vertically
- several rubber qualities with chemical resistance 

PSI wallcollars are used for the hydrostatic
sealing of pipes made of steel, cast iron, copper,
plastic, asbestos free cement, concrete and
vitrified clay that pass through walls, ceilings,
floors, shaft openings, swimming pools and
groundwater troughs.

PSI wallcollars are the ideal solution wherever
it is not possible to retrofit sleeves or drill holes.


Tight to groundwater and pressing water
- for pipe O.D. 32 mm up to O.D. 315 mm certified
to 5 bar
- for pipe O.D. 355 mm certified to 4 bar

Labyrinth Sealing Rings

PSI Labyrinth sealing rings for wallpenetrations
are a waterproof barrier against non-pressing
water for the through-holes in walls for pipelines.
The principal applications are pre-insulated pipe,
particularly PE-jacket and flexible pipes for
district heating systems.

PSI Labyrinth sealing rings are pushed on to
the pipe and cast in the centre of the wall.


- water barrier for low pressure wall-penetration 
- used for preinsulated pipe mainly
- made of high quality rubber to be cast into the wall
- tested by the MFPA Leipzig up to a water pressure
of 0.5 bar and certified accordingly 


Wall Sleeves


When passing steel, cast iron, copper or plastic
pipes through walls, ceilings or floors, PSI
sleeves are the best method of hydrostatic sealing.

Wherever the Link-Seal® modular seal or
Compakt Seals are used to seal the annular
space between the carrier pipe and the wall duct,
the PSI sleeve is also an essential item.

- corrosion resistant
- leak-proof against pressure water
- electrically insulating
- non-inflammable 
- high stability
- good compound with concrete
- outer creasing circular, not helical 
- smooth inner walls
- split version for subsequent assembly available 
- all lengths from ND 80-800 sizes up to max.
1,200 mm available 
Integra Pipe Stainless Steel
Wall Penetration


The PSI Integra Pipe stainless steel wall
penetration is cast in the concrete wall. It seals
a variety of media. The medium carrying pipes
are flanged directly to the cast-in bushing. 

The Integra Pipe assembly is carried out flush with
the casing for a variety of applications such as
clarifiers, high-level tanks, shaft constructions
and much more.


High-quality Integra pipes are characterised by
long term performance and high resistance
owing to selected materials and are particularly
appropriate for demanding applications.

PSI-Products is the competent partner for special
applications(e.g. waterworks, sewage plants,
industrial buildings, etc.)