PSI_Spacers/Casing End Seals


Product Application Range Advantages
Plastic Insulators (System DSI)
Polypropylen insulators are universally applicable
in the installation of pipelines when the carrier 
pipe runs inside a casing.
- easy installation of the carrier pipe 
- minimised friction prevents damage to
the protective coating and insulation 
- a wide range of skid heights ensures 
concentricity of the carrier pipe in the casing 
if required 
- excellent insulating properties of the plastic 
material ensures: all requirement of cathodic
protection are met.
Steel Roller Rings
and Steel Insulators
Often it is not possible to lay pipes in open ditches.
For example, for rail or road crossings it is first 
necessary to drive casings underground. By using
PSI steel insulators or roller rings, the carrier pipe 
can be inserted into the casing sleeve safely 
and efficiently.
Steel insulators are preferred over plastic 
insulators in the following cases:
- high medium temperatures
- strong pressure in large diameters 
(load-bearing capacity)
- wide gap between casing and carrier pipe
diameter (up to 600 mm) 
- long distances 
- rough carrier pipe surface 
- permanent pipe movement 
Pipe Support.jpg
Pipe Support
Heavy carrier pipes can be supported with these 
polyethylene components. PSI pipe supports are 
adapted to PSI plastic insulators and reliably 
prevent contact between the carrier pipe and the 
casing - even when there is an extreme load of 
soil on the pipe. 
Material : Black polyethylene has the same 
resistance as the polyethylene coating of 
steel pipes, thus preventing damage to insulation.
Casing End Seals
For safety reasons carrier pipes are installed inside
casing sleeves wherever are being laid under roads, 
railways or rivers. It is important that the annular 
space is kept dry in order to reduce the risk 
of corrosion. 

Our various types of casing end seals constitute 
a safe, clean and cost-effective solution for 
new installation or retrofitting

Casing end seals are installed easily and rapidly.
They are pulled over the outer edge of the casing
and the carrier pipe, and are secured in place
by stainless steel straps and clamps.

Pipe End Caps.jpg
Pipe End Caps
The pipe end caps protect the pipe from damage 
and dirt during transport and on site.
The end caps are made of polyethylene or of 
2mm thick deep-drawn plate material.
- Available sizes are listed in our price list. 
- Technical changes reserved. 
PSI Signcap for marking, protecting and warning of
unauthorised use of installation sets with important 
The PSI Signcap standard product is available 
in black, blue and red with the lettering
“NICHT OEFFNEN” and without lettering,respectively.
Polypropylen insulators are universally applicable in the installation of pipelines when the carrier pipe runs inside a casing.