PSI_Mechanical Pipe Protection


Product Application Range Advantages



PSI Fibercoat is a sturdy pre-laminated plastic 
ready-to-fit compound with glass fibre reinforcement.
It offers maximum mechanical protection of pipe 
wraps and is absolutely waterproof. Due to the 
material’s slight shrinkage during the curing process
PSI Fibercoat adheres to nearly any pipe surface 
such as PE, PP, PVC and glass fibre reinforced 

In addition, the high-tech material is very resistant
against chemicals.

PSI Fibercoat is not only an excellent means of
protection of welds, factory wraps of steel pipes
and plastic pipes against mechanical stress.
Other application include:
- Horizontal drilling
- Thrust boring procedure
- Burst lining
- Surface to air transitions
- Pipe clip pads, etc.


Pipecast is the latest state of the art glass reinforced
coating for extreme mechanical protection of pipeline.
Pipecast is easily activated with water, supplied 
ready to use.

- Short curing time, rapid installation
- Simple and easy to apply; no mixing of 
components required
- Resistant to extreme temperatures
- Can be applied under water and on damp
- Outstanding adherence and resistance to chemicals,
particularly mineral oil products
- Can be shaped to provide mechanical protection
for irregularly shaped parts 
Rock Shield Net and Fleece

The rockshieldnet and -fleece are ideal alternatives to
protection with sand.

The Rock shield net and Fleece are used as an external 
protection to avoid damaging the corrosion protection
coatings of pipes and in order to improve the mechanical 

Damages caused by ground settlement are eliminated 
and impacts are aborbed due its high deforming capacity 
limitating the shrinkage pressure. 

- shock-absorbing and load
- high deforming capacity 
- highly resistant to tearing 
- corrosion resistant and water-proof 
- permeable to electricity 
- resistant to soil chemicals agents and 
- UV-stabalized - easy application