PSI_Flange Gaskets and Flange Isolation


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PSI Flange Isolations


- Perfect Seal for indirect bolt force load
- The silicone or graphite ring is permanently
elastic throughout the entire lifetime
disregarding of the temperature and substance.
- Generally the gasket can be used on all DIN or
ANSI flanges. They can be installed in new
systems or during refitting tasks.


- easy to install
- maintenance-free, no retightening of
the screws
- graphite seal is permanently elastic
(no embrittlement caused by temperature)
- heavy duty for gasket in indirect bolt forceload 
- functionally reliable by least water absorption 

PSI Flange Isolations
Rubber Faced Phenolic (RFP)
Rubber Faced Phenolic is worldwide used as
standard isolating gasket in the oil and gas industry.
The phenolic sheets are on both sides laminated
with soft neoprene or nitrile, providing an effective
sealing surface in the direct bolt force load.
For DVGW (gas) and KTW (potable water) approval,
the GLV-UniSeal® gaskets are available. 
The isolation version is high quality seal.
It functions as an electrical separation point
and prevents contact corrosions.
- Prevention of flange leaks.
- Guards against blowouts.
- Usable with any type of flange. 
- Matches gasket materials to service conditions.
- Lowest possible clamp and compressive load. 
- Increases gasket life. 
PSI Flange Isolation 


With PSI flange isolation sets it is possible to turn
a normal flange connection into an isolation joint.
The applications are not restricted to new flange
joints. PSI flange isolation is also suitable for
retrofitting existing joints easily and quickly without
having to modify the joint. 


- PSI flange isolation sets are available to fit all
standards, sizes and pressure ratings.
- PSI flange isolation kits can be provided for
non-standard flanges (incl. extra sleeve length).

PSI Rubber Steel
Flange Gaskets
Rubber steel gasket with vulcanised steel ring for
safe centring and perfect sealing.
General use :
- Pipeline construction: water, gas, sewage, oil
and chemicals.
- Industry: enamel coated flanges.
- Plastic flanges
- Mining 
- Low torque
- No retorquing required
- Owing to the versatility of the gasket material. 
- The rubbers utilised have excellent energising
- Different rubber types are available to suit any
- The durability of the rubber offers a perfect seal
even on rough faced flanges and enamel coatings. 
PSI Rubber Steel
Chevron Seal 


The PSI Chevron Seal Type WD consists of two
interlocking parts connected through a tongue and
groove joint. This allows the two chevron-shaped
parts to be turned against each other up to an angle
of approx. 8°. After installation, these two parts
form a “medium-tight“ bond.


- Simply and highly economic : No wedge disks
and additional seals
- Simple application for obliquely positioned flanges