Garlock Kammprofile Gasket



Serrated solid metal core

  • Serrations concentrate bolt load on small area for tight seal at lower stress
  • Solid metal core resists cold flow, overcompression and blowout
  • Rigid core provides exceptional stability, even in large sizes, and facititates handling and installation

Soft, deformable sealing material

  • Under compression, fills seating surface imperfections to form a tight, metal-to-metal connection
  • Seals under low stress-ideal for weaker flanges
  • Withstands extreme fluctuations in temperatures and pressures
  • Optional convex root core compensates for flange weakness and counteracts flange rotation
  • Integral centering ring ensures optimum gasket positioning
  • Floating centering ring attached outside sealing area compensates for expansion and contraction during thermal cycling


  • Accommodates standard ASME flanges as well as weaker and non-circular flanges
  • Economical replacement for jacketed heat exchanger gaskets
  • Seals less-than-perfect flanges
  • Handles pressures from vacuum to Class 2500
  • Withstands temperatures from cryogenics to 2000°F (1090°C)- depending on sealing material and metal

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