Guardian Expansion Joint


Pipe I.D.

in. (mm)


• High-density FEP liner reduces permeation and offers optimal chemical resistance
• Bonded to an abrupt arch
• A chlorobutyl cover and blue protective coating add resistance to environmental effects
Available with GYLON® 3545 gasket face for raised face flange connections

2.000 to 30.000
(50.0 to 750.0)

400 F (205.0 C)

To 200 psi (14 bar)

• Spool-type expansion joints
• Constructed as single- or multiple-arch types.
• They connect pipe flanges in concentric or eccentric tapers, to join piping of unequal diameters.
• High pressure- and vacuum-resistance increases safety and ensures suitability

0.500 to 84.000
(13.0 to 2100.0)
400 F (205 C)
To 200 psi (14 bar)

•Single wide flowing arch, eliminating the need for filled arches on
slurry services
•Successfully served all major industries, including pulp and paper, steel, waste and water, HVAC, power generation, chemical, petrochemical and marine
•Self-flushing design eliminates media buildup and reduces fluid turbulence

2.000 to 84.000
(50.0 to 2100.0)
400 F (204 C)
To 250 psi (17 bar)

•Spool-type expansion joints feature an FEP lining.
•Where its ability to resist corrosive attack at normal or elevated temperatures and pressures is unequaled.
•Flowing arch design prevents media buildup and reduces turbulence and vibration
•Designed for the chemical processing and pulp & paper industries,

3.000 to 20.000
(75.0 to 500.0)

300 F ( 150 C)

To 250 psi (17 bar)